Thursday, July 3, 2008


Up until now I have only ever believed in the dating devil. But at 5.23pm today the dating gods delivered for this evening. Truly the eleventh hour. There were more ups and downs in my day than in that of a stunt pilot at an airshow. Adrenalin, I am very quickly discovering, is a beautiful thing.

I am also discovering that my friends have great friends. And tonight it occurred to me that not only am I only meeting friends of friends; I am also only meeting people who have faith / empathy / sympathy for my cause. Anyone that thinks it is a rubbish idea simply will refuse to partake.

So what have I done so far?

  • I drank wine and ate cheese (a man really after my own heart) in Clapham Common on the evening of the hottest day of the year
  • Swapped disastrous dating stories in a booth at a psuedo-Pacific Island bar which served umbrellas in its drinks with a straight face
  • Ate fish and chips at a diner table with more condiments than you could wave your plastic fork at
  • Noses inches from the canvas, we examined brushstrokes whilst competing to come up with the most ridiculously wanky art-speak possible, at the National Portrait Gallery
  • Salsa danced enough to make my calves scream and head spin

And all that in three nights.

And my wonderful volunteers?

So far they have been of both the English and New Zealand persuasion. And of each of them I have wondered quietly to myself: 'how on earth is this guy still single?'

Educated, intelligent, entertaining, attractive... I just don't get it.

Still available:

4th (evening)

9th (evening)

11th (evening)

14th - 17th (evening)


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Kimberley said...

sounds glorious. can't wait to read your feature about it ...