Monday, July 7, 2008

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Sunday morning found me sitting under a tree in Hyde Park eating strawberries and sipping bubbly whilst running through answers to a list of interesting / insightful / entertaining questions.

We both agreed that a wireless-capable laptop would be one of the three things we took to a desert island. Independence is one of the key characteristics we would look for in a future partner; and our party tricks are pretty damn impressive. My date duly displayed his 'running man' dance, perfected at the age of 14.

Although it wasn't how I described my perfect Sunday morning when asked the question, Sunday the 6th came pretty close.

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Gren said...

I love it! 20 dates in 20 days, set up by friends, with friends of friends. How friendly. An enjoyable wee challenge for everyone involved. I would grab one of those nights in a heartbeat. How much booze can we get for 20 nicker? As much as we could carry, to a spot the equivalent of the Basin, where we'd sit sozzled eating fritters I prepared earlier using ingredients charmed entirely out of a friend's Mum's pantry, and we'd concoct hilarious bits of cricket commentary before walking the long way home in an endless stream of conversation both poigniant and pointless.

Does a skype date count? If so, I'll take the 11th...