Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lady Luck

On Sunday afternoon as I was being rowed down the Thames in a boat named Madeline I opened one of about 20 envelopes. Inside was a strip of paper with Lucky or unlucky? on it.

At the time, in the afternoon sunshine, sitting on a velvet cushion, passing the greenery of Richmond Park, I thought I couldn't be any luckier.

But last night, as I lost odds & evens roulette four times in a row, I began to doubt myself.

After this loss of face, I had one last chance for a reprieve. In my hand I held one final chip. £2.50. Together we agreed to put it on one number. If we win we get £70 and the date could continue. We liked the idea of leaving it to the fates.

As we stood there deciding (me the typical Aquarian was just looking like I was deciding) my date's favourite number came up. Number One.

'Let's put it on number one!' he said with complete confidence.

'But that just came up!' I exclaimed. Completely illogically.

Chance past us by and the wheel was spun. We all know how this ends.

Number One came up.

I never believed in fate anyway.

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