Monday, June 30, 2008

What the...?

I had a thought this evening. Basically it amounted to me questioning my sanity. Am I completely mad to be doing this?

I quickly came to the assumption that, yes, I am indeed totally, and utterly insane. With that decided, I continued on my mad endeavour.

Things are becoming touch and go, with a still-vacant spot on Wednesday, and a cancellation for Friday the 4th which gave me a minor panic attack this afternoon. But just as quickly the roller coaster turned, and Saturday was filled as well as a couple of new leads popping up.

No one ever said this dating thing would be easy.

And so it begins. As I look out my window, I see the sun going down on June and my nice quiet life. Tomorrow dawn will break over a month of madness.

Dates still available

2nd July (evening)
4th (evening)
6th (morning due to O2 Wireless)
9th (evening)
11th (evening)
12th (day or evening available)
14th - 17th (evening)


on-air-saan said...

can you please post a photo of each date?

Nomadic Emma said...

NO!!! They shall all remain anonymous..