Monday, June 23, 2008

And the countdown begins

With just over a week to go until it all kicks off, the mental and physical preparation has begun.

That means getting in some early nights (physical) and trying to tone down my 'quirky' behaviour so as not to completely scare my volunteers off in the first five minutes (mental).

Along with all of this, I'm still pitching to fill vacant spots. More and more there is a fear growing in the back of my mind that I may well not be able to fill all the days.

But if you don't try these things, you never find out. And so I keep pushing on.

Dates still available:
2nd July (evening)
4th (evening)
5th (day or evening available)
6th (morning due to O2 Wireless)
7-9th (evening)
11th (evening)
12th (day or evening available)
14th - 17th (evening)
20th (evening)

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